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Salvador Dali homage – Surreal design image composite

When I work on creative images I do it mainly for myself as a creative outlet. 98% of the time these creative composites are not created for clients nor used by them. Whenever I shoot a job for a client there are usually a few pictures that get inspired and usually lead me to create ... Read More

CrossFit Fitness Ad Campaign

This photo was shot for the new Crossfit gym on Queen West, awesome workouts used by the military. High intensity, short bursts, you leave your guts on the floor every time. Definitely the best workouts I’ve ever had, yielding the best results. I am shooting all the promotional and advertising photography for the gym’s website ... Read More

Nike Ad: Award winner in Applied Arts Magazine

A while back I set up a commercial spec shoot just as a portfolio piece. The concept was to create a 30 second television commercial using stills blended and morphed together to produce a kind of surreal live action/ animation feel. We shot with an real Olympic runner at the Bloor Collegiate on Bathurst and ... Read More

Wired – Creative advertising photography concept