How to tell powerful and meaningful stories through video

Telling your story on-camera. For mature and emerging brands, startups and Fortune 500s, B2B and B2C companies, the very concept can be daunting. But it’s becoming part of the prerequisite for sales pitches, investor and board presentations, accelerator applications, VC presentations, wherever visuals can have an impact.

Video is now de riguer in part due to science: Our brains processes visual information 60,000 times faster than words, and one minute of video is considered equivalent to around 1.8 million words. And in part due to business: Content-based (especially video-based) marketing is said to increase qualified marketing leads 512% and revenue by more than 6x.

The goal of any video is not to sell, but to get the next meeting through a combination of information and entertainment. Fill in the details later.

So, where do you start? What do you say? How, in short, do you make a meaningful piece of video? Well, that’s why I’m here. To help you tell a concise and meaningful story, on-camera via Five Simple Strategies:

Invest in Equipment and/or Personnel: While I don’t recommend going out and splurging on a $50k RED Camera or 4K, you may want to make the investment in some decent equipment or an outsourced content production firm.

Production Values over Virality: In marketing, you’re judged by your weakest link, and if you put together a video that looks like it was shot inside the trunk of your car, you simply won’t get the type of high-quality customer traffic you need. Yes, I know some lousy production value videos go viral. Laughing Baby? Sneezing Panda? These are the exception, not the rule.

What to get: If you’re going the DIY route, find a reputable outlet where the staff knows a thing or two. Do your research and know the price you should be paying.

Go Pro if you’re unsure: There’s still a lot you can do incorrectly up even with good equipment (as we’ll talk about in next section), so it does make sense to have someone on staff that knows what they’re doing–or look for outside firms depending on your cost and needs. Remember, DIY video isn’t a cost saver if it’s unusable or lousy.

Take a class: Filming and editing take practice and skill. You won’t pick up a camera and become Kurosawa. Do you know how not to back-light your subject? At what frame rate to film? The proper camera angle for an interview? If you’re going to go the DIY road, invest some time in a film and editing class.

Rules for Appearing On Camera: Whether or not you do hire an outside firm, you’ll still have to appear on camera. People want to hear from you, not some disarmingly handsome actor (unless Hugh Grant’s your uncle). So a few quick rules:

A lot to think about, right? It’s all these little things that in the “video gestalt” add up to make a big difference.

This is one of those gossamer ideas. Brand. But you certainly should have a strong idea of your brand, your message/tone, your visuals and your identity before filming anything. If not, you’ll end up filming it again when you do have an idea.

Take some time to really think about who you are, and how you can communicate that visually. Does anyone remember the Dollar Shave Club Video? Epic. It said something about who they were.

Who Are You? Dovetailing with Brand, you want to showcase your own personality. Are you weird, quirky, offbeat, colorful, vengeful, artistic, cool, smooth, lewd, crude…whatever. Show it off.

“Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken.” Oscar Wilde has a good point here. There is nothing more boring to an audience than a) you trying to be a reporter, or b) someone trying to be who they’re not. It comes across as disingenuous and just plain wrong. Have fun. Relax.

Be Natural-Some Examples: One of our correspondents at AlleyWire, Meg Maley, really demonstrates this well with her story on Stray Boots. You get a real sense of her personality. And check out the folks here with BeltBox. There’s a connection to this company and its founders in just a short time because they’re genuine.

Show And Don’t Tell! This is one of those hackneyed lines repeated ad nauseum by journalism professors. And for once, the ivory tower is right. This is a visual medium. Don’t have “just you” talking on camera in your office for any more than 5-10 seconds. Cover it up with some broll and quick cuts-visually represent yourself and the company.

How To Tell A Meaningful Story Through Video


Next Hyundai Genesis Coupe Subliminally Teased In Corporate Video?

Corporate videos of a company bragging about their products and services can be boring to watch multiple times but the one from Hyundai may be sending a hidden message.

Hyundai released a video advert to highlight their services to the global automotive market and it is filled with picture frames of their past, present and future vehicles. One particular image in the clip caught the attention of several keen eyes and it is a coupe that is being carved by an individual.

The video may not mention anything but those that have noticed the sculpture are speculating it to be the next-gen Genesis Coupe. This cannot be helped as the model being crafted has got all the features of a pure coupe.

Knowing that the Genesis Coupe is one of the best cars which Hyundai has ever produced, the sculpture could be hinting on the development of the next-gen model. You can see it for yourself in the video below, at the 1:13 minute mark to be precise.

Next Hyundai Genesis Coupe Subliminally Teased In Corporate Video?


Enhancing Your Corporate Culture with Professional Photography

It’s a term we hear often, and many have no idea what it is, what it means or how to improve or change it…and if the first question you ask yourself is, “Do we have a corporate culture?” rest assured – you’re not alone.

If you have 1 person on your staff or hundreds, you have culture. It is the beliefs and behaviors of employees and management, which has a very direct effect on how outside business is conducted.

So, you now know it exists, and that you should do something about it, but what?

No matter how small or large your business is, one of the easiest ways to enhance the culture of your company is through photography!

Professionally capturing your staff in action – hard at work and at play, will give you some priceless tools and results in many different areas of your business.

As much as culture can shape and define itself through the mentality and actions of your staff, you can have a direct and positive influence on these things as well as the outside perceptions through your overall presentation.

You have a couple of options:

  • Do nothing – which is very risky because you are putting the future success and longevity of your business into NOT YOUR hands, and you won’t be doing anything to improve what’s already in place;
  • Hire a professional photographer with experience to capture the heart of what you want to share. Note: This doesn’t mean the least expensive person you could find with a business card and a camera. With more than 35 years of experience behind the lens and crossing just about every industry line there is, YouGottaLove is a Toronto-based & world experienced professional.

Companies that have an online presence through social media have a much easier time hiring and growing their customer base because individuals can cultivate a sense of familiarity in a very short time with the people and products associated with the business. Company newsletters that praise and acknowledge employees, managers or teams have higher morale and staff retention rate when each person feels that their contribution matters.

Consider individual employee shots, team and department portraits that capture the true essence of the individual(s) as well as their collective energy. Company events, products, services, behind the scenes images, and whatever else you and your staff can feel good about sharing with your existing network and the resulting ripple effect (sharing) that will naturally expand your reach for all of the right reasons.

Working with a professional photographer and videographer like Richard Yagutilov will give you the power to create and enhance your story as you tell it. Your finished product will be images of the highest quality that are ready to be used on any platform you choose, including print – and the images themselves will be something you and your team can feel great about sharing.

People are naturally curious – show your competitors how great you are. Show your customers what happens behind the scenes. Show potential job applicants “a day in the life” and let the visuals (images and videos) of your values and philosophies expand your reach, your impact and your targeted demographics.

Contact Richard directly ( to discuss your 2017 ideas, needs and goals; Your business and your team deserve acknowledgement, attention and growth. is Toronto-based Photography and Videography visionary Richard Yagutilov, who has been stopping time, harnessing visions and inspiring imaginations around the world for nearly four decades.

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Shawn Mozen – Success Diaries

Shawn Mozen is the foremost authority on Kettlebell training in Canada. Recognized world wide as an authority on Kettlebells, martial arts and functional fitness Shawn has appeared on US and Canadian tv shows such as VH1′s Celebrity Fit Club, Miami Ink, and Off the Record. Shawn is the President of the Canadian Kettlebell Sport Federation and travels the world giving seminars to fitness professionals and the general public.

In this interview Shawn speaks about success, how he got started and how he overcame fear and doubt and many of the hardships of starting out.

Interior Design Show Video

Creative Group Interiors at the Interior Design show in 2014

Creative Group Interiors has collaborated with 3 Points Aviation, an aircraft part manufacturing and distributing
company, and Jazz Aviation LP, a regional airline carrier, to design furniture out of retired aircraft parts and
auction them to fundraise for a local charity and ONEXONE.
See it at the Interior Design Show in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre this weekend January 24, 25, 26.

My Limo Ride with Lady Gaga & Space Cowboy

Riding in the limo with Lady Gaga & Space Cowboy on route to a venue in Montreal for another performance on The Fame Canadian tour. It must have been midnight and we’re leaving the hotel for a show somewhere downtown Montreal. The life of a pop star..hard to keep up! I shot her Video Tour Diaries trying to maintain her hectic schedule of travel and red eye flights. Snapped this photo in character as we arrived at the venue. That was a wild night.

Lady Gaga : Andy Warhol Remix

This is a previously unreleased Lady Gaga photograph I shot backstage on her “The Fame” tour. We went for a more gritty look with the composite to get a hard edged circa 1980’s Andy Warhol graphic look.