Copyright Law for Photographs of the Eiffel Tower at Night

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The Photographers Responsible for Taking Images of Celebrities

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Toronto Band Photography Album art for Creature

Band called Creature, shot for Universal Music.

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Toronto Publicity & press photography for Secret Broadcast

We had a blast running and gunning in downtown Toronto, free flowing to various locations for this photo shoot. We started out the the distillery district and ended up at the Toronto brickworks complex, no permits, no lights no rules.

Single cover photography for Audio Playground

An amazing Dance music group from Toronto named Audio Playgroud. Photographed on the set of Buttonville Airport on the day of the music video shoot for their single.

Bruce McDonald: Director of Hard Core Logo

Shot with Bruce while he was in the final week of production on his film Pontypool in Toronto. Cool dude very easy going. I was a bit nervous cause I am a fan of his work, his film Hard Core Logo blew me away. It was the first English Canadian film that kicked ass!

We shot this image at the Gladstone Hotel on Queen Street using natural light with my Nikon D3 and a 105mm prime lens.

Dearly Beloved – Rock Band | One finger salute

Another Dearly Beloved shot take at my studio in Kensington Market one summer day, I miss the summer. I like the energy in this shot with the perspective of the fingers pointed. Gives a nice 3d element and real presence. The one finger salute Niva is giving seems to be a recurring theme with me. I seem to encourage people to give me the finger, hmm.. I guess its the masochist in me.. Ah well, The band also used a version of this shot to promote a live concert event they had at Tattoo Rock Parlor in Toronto. Check them out live when you can, they kick ass!

Stephen McHattie The Watchmen

Zack Snyder’s latest comic book rendition is an acquired taste. I long and drawn out noir style super hero film. I little long for my taste and not enough action. 300 really raised expectations, that was a kick ass movie. The Watchmen, not so much but then again that’s just me I’m sure many people think I’m crazy for thinking that.
Stephen McHattie whom I shot last summer at the Gibson Guitar party room in Toronto made an appearance in the beginning of the film which was cool. He’s got a lot of character in his face a good actor.

Kid Kut- Electified

Whenever I do these kinds of photoshop compositions its usually for my own creative pleasure. The artist usually has no idea and may end up hating it . But, its in the name of art and creative spirit so f**k it .