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Toronto Publicity & press photography for Secret Broadcast

We had a blast running and gunning in downtown Toronto, free flowing to various locations for this photo shoot. We started out the the distillery district and ended up at the Toronto brickworks complex, no permits, no lights no rules.

Single cover photography for Audio Playground

An amazing Dance music group from Toronto named Audio Playgroud. Photographed on the set of Buttonville Airport on the day of the music video shoot for their single.

Norglen: a Canadian Rock Band

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Norglen is a rock band signed to an L.A. indie label, again we only get love down in the states it seems. A cool bunch of guys mostly from the west coast Calgary from a town called Norglen, hence the name. We shot mostly on the streets of downtown Toronto stealing locations like the Distillery District, Union station, Massey Hall.

Russian Rockstar -Creative music concept photography

This image was a creative concept done for shits and giggles nothing more. The concept was what would a Russian Rockstar look like, so my friend and trainer Dhani Oks came up with this F.O.B (fresh of the boat) personality rented a crazy see through red electric guitar and this is what came of it. It was a fun and funny shoot, looks like this FOB is alright!

Kid Kut – Scissorhands Homage

Created this image for Kid Kut from the Baby Blue Sound crew (goes way back) Kid’s got a following as a barber extraordinaire. He came to me for some simple promo images for his sites and shop. I couldn’t help my self and came up with this scissorhand concept using his barber tools. We shot at Circa nightclub in downtown Toronto where he MC’s on the weekends. What a wicked place that is, so many cool corners to shoot in and a very crazy looking bathroom, with a bar inside and a dental surgery chair and all. Pretty nutty, i know.
So we shot and composited this Edward Scissorhand vibe, has a pretty cold and dark tone though.

Kid Kut- Electified

Whenever I do these kinds of photoshop compositions its usually for my own creative pleasure. The artist usually has no idea and may end up hating it . But, its in the name of art and creative spirit so f**k it .