Photography Buffs will Have the Opportunity to Hear from One of the Most Accomplished Names in Photojournalism

Above, a whitecoat, or juvenile, harp seal swims gracefully in icy water. Skerry shot this photo for National Geographic. At left, a Southern Right Whale, approaches Brian Skerry’s assistant underwater off the Auckland Islands, New Zealand.Continue reading

Photography is An Incredibly Powerful Tool

A wildlife photojournalist who grew up in Leamington has been named the winner of one of the highest international photography accolades in the industry.Continue reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Get Going with the Skill of Photography

Writing captions as narratives are also an integral part of a photo story that should help the viewer understand each shot of the series. Captions expand the photographer’s as well as viewer’s understanding of a snap shot.Continue reading

The Photographer Who is Taking People’s Photos in Museums

You might not notice Stefan Draschan, but he notices you. The France-based photographer sits in museums for hours on end—in Paris, Munich, and Vienna—waiting for the perfect moment, when people watching becomes art.Continue reading

Learning the Styles of Photography

Today we’re featuring Ryan McGibbeny from St. Petersburg, FL. We invited Ryan to submit a sampling of his photography, along with a short write-up, both of which you will find below.Continue reading

Grandma Having A Fun Birthday Photoshoot

Grandma Gladys (or Grams for short) and Shannon had already gotten matching maple leaf tattoos from Grams’ 95th birthday, so this time the 29-year-old from Maryland thought of something a little different.Continue reading

A Kaleidoscope of Colors of the Natural Landscape

Awash in vibrant color, Ty Newcomb‘s contemporary landscape photography is at once familiar and surreal. By enhancing the hues of nature, he pulls out a kaleidoscope of colors that reminds views of the glory of the natural landscape. Also working in all aspects of commercial photography, Newcomb’s landscape photographs are a creative escape that allows him to translate his emotions into an image.Continue reading

Capabilities of the Digital Photography Equipment

Noelle Neff is a professional photographer and an entrepreneur. She is the founder of Noelle Neff Photography. Her portfolio includes weddings, sports, travel, art, and portraits. Her passion for capturing wedding memories has driven her to win multiple awards and honors. She is excited about the array of human emotions on display as well as the unique chance to preserve history.Continue reading

Decorated with Scenes of Colorful Photography

The photography series “The Dramatic Leaf” by Matt Reese is on display through Nov. 16 at the O’Brien Photo Gallery.Continue reading

The Evolution of Music Photography

WeTransfer Studios and Rankin have teamed up to launch The Backstage Sessions, a series of films exploring the stories behind the most iconic rock ‘n’ roll photos of the 21st century and their creators. The Drum spoke to Rankin and his subjects – David Montgomery, Gered Mankowitz and Kevin Cummins – to find out how they view their industry now that it is shot primarily through a digital lens.Continue reading