Nutritional Content – An educational video series for Seneca College

This is one of a series of Fitness and Health online learning program we did for Seneca College. I love working with them because they always allow me to add some creative flare to the videos by adding motion graphics and cutaways to make the videos more engaging. Education and entertainment, that how we do it 😉

Shooting Better Corporate Videos – 5 Simple Tips

Personally, I’ve found that I can enjoy corporate video on a level. You’re helping brands and people tell stories that they care about — but often don’t have the means (or time) to express it. It’s a good feeling to watch clients see themselves on the screen for the first time in a way they haven’t before.

However, they’re not all going to be great projects. You’re going to have some ups and downs that are simply unavoidable. That being said, here are some ways to limit the downs and help your production run more smoothly.

1. Script Your Interviews

When shooting corporate videos, the messaging is usually going to be very tightly dictated by the client. It’s not an open documentary where you have endless license to find the story. After talking with the client, you’ll know what needs to be said.

When shooting talking head interviews, don’t waste time meandering around and away from the soundbites. Do your work ahead of time and script out what you want your subjects to say. This way you can go back and forth with the client to get it just right. You can still conduct a conversational interview, but know you’ll be able to lead your subject to an agreed upon (and preferably) practiced soundbite which you know you’ll be able to work with.

2. Use a Two-Camera Setup

Unless you’re working with professional talent, the majority of your corporate videos are going to be with real people who are probably anxious and looking to get their on-air time over with — so why not help them out as best you can?

Using a two-camera setup will give you much more leeway in post to make your subjects look and sound good. With two cameras, you can piece together the best parts of all their answers while cutting out all the “ummms” and awkward pauses. Trust me, you’ll be a hero to them when you turn some muttering, nervous wreck into the confident and coherent businessperson they’ll see in the final version.

3. Hide Your Lapel Mic

As a content-consuming society, we’ve become pretty accustomed to seeing the dark little spots on people’s collars as standard practice. While it’s forgivable, especially when rushed, it will make your video appear more professional if you can hide the lapel mic altogether. Plus, it really isn’t that hard. All you need is a little piece of gaff tape and the pluckiness to ask your subject to run it up their shirt to hide it completely from view.

4. Bring Extra Clothes

When working with a video production company, we always told people to bring two extra shirts/outfits and two extra ties to the shoot. Unless you have room in the budget for a wardrobe department (if you do, congrats!), you’ll need to be prepared in case a subject shows up in clothing that won’t work on camera. Check all clothing for moiré patterns or awkward colors.

5. Make It Fun

In a way, your corporate video shoot will always be a fun break in your client’s usually routine (and very possibly boring) day. People will be awkward, nervous and have some very skewed premonitions of what being on camera is like. Your first goal when shooting is to get your subjects relaxed and engaged. Ask them familiar and easy questions at first, tell them a joke, bring an emergency stash of mini-wine bottles (half-joking). The more comfortable you can get them with you and the bright lights and cameras, the better they will be.

5 Simple Tips for Shooting Better Corporate Videos


The Power of the Internet Video Marketing

Why Use Internet Videos for Marketing:

It must be quite obvious that the traditional methods of advertising are no longer the popular choice for organizations. Companies have found that using internet video sites for promoting and marketing their product is more cost effective and trendy. The use of internet video sites to promote your product will make your company the envy of its competitors. As you will not only gain competitive advantage, but you will also increase your market presence by over one hundred million percent.

Internet video sites such as YouTube, Videojug, and many others have worldwide concern, because of their ability to upload videos and broadcast it to the World Wide Web. This type of access to the web will expose your company and your product to over one billion users on the internet, and create that important niche that your company will need to grow. The vast improvements in technology have given companies the opportunity and the choice to now market their goods and services using designated internet video sites. These options have also reduced the cost of marketing as the hosting on these sites is usually free. Daily Motion, Vimeo, YouTube, BlipTV, Vzaar, College Humor, How Cast and Videojug are some of the most popular video hosting sites on the internet today!

When you use these video sites to market your product, it is pitched to potential customers in a more exciting manner. The viewers are drawn to the video presentation as if they are not aware that they are watching an advertisement. Not only do the videos create interests but they also inform and educate potential customers about your product. You should be obvious by now that, using text and graphic advertisements are no longer the most attractive methods of marketing your product, since most viewers have or spend very little time to read.

This of course is expected since there is so much information that is being proliferated on the internet today; Most people just glance over the title pages, and then click to the next site. Therefore if your texts and graphics are not attractive enough to catch the attention of potential customers, that is, the ones who are willing to spend more than thirty seconds to read, then its good bye to any potential sales that may have happened.

Advantages of internet video sites marketing:

The video site marketing is a wonder drug for small businesses, as the cost to host is very minimal or free. These sites also allow viewers to watch your videos without the need to download the material so minimizing any risk of importing viruses to your computer. The best thing about using internet videos to market your product is that, you can make your own videos, and, you do not need to be a trained photographer to do so. You can easily make your own videos and up load them on any one of the popular sites such as Facebook or YouTube.

The advancement in technology has made it very easy for people to create and upload their videos. However if you are not confident that you can create a video on your own, and you wish to learn how to do so, then you can buy this cheap Video e-course which will guide you on how to create your own masterpiece. With the cheap packages and bundles that are being offered, soon you will find yourself broadcasting your own creation on the web and feeling very proud of yourself for doing so!

Another great advantage of internet videos site is the fact that it enables you to target your traffic. Since only the individuals who are interested in your product will be viewing the videos that you post. There is also the use of keywords to enable the videos to be returned on searches. The benefit here is that individuals now seek your videos, instead of you seeking to find people to view your videos.

Here is another benefit from posting to these sites; You can earn money just to post your videos! In this situation you will definitely come out the winner since you will be paid for your video and you will still be benefitting from the exposure that your product or service will be getting from the site.

Tips for internet video marketing sites:

Video marketing is an evolving technology with a lot of potential; It would be beneficial for you to be aware of some of the critical areas that would give you that competitive advantage and greater market presence. If you are going to achieve maximum benefits from the use of these sites, the following tips should help you:

Try to post your videos in such a way as to enable it to appear each time the web page is open. Also try to make the video so entertaining, that the viewers are unaware that they are viewing an advertisement. At the same time it should be so interesting, that they would want to share it with others. Do your research to find the most effective site on which to showcase your videos, consider the cost, the ability to upload any format and the amount of video streaming that is done on the site on a daily basis.

You can also promote your product by advertising on other persons videos. If there is a video on say YouTube and it has a certain number of hits, and all indications are that it will become a viral video soon, then you can contact the owner of that video and negotiate with them to have your advertisement posted on that Page!

Keep video presentations posted short, to the point and entertaining. The video sites should allow the addition of coupons, text, pictures, graphs, and most importantly it should provide a clickable link to your website. Make sure to summarize your video presentation by pointing out all the main features and benefits of the product that is being promoted.

If you have not been using internet video sites to market your products then the time has come for you to utilize some of your marketing budget in this area. The really successful companies have long recognized the value of video marketing and have been maximizing on the use of this activity to create very strong market presence for their organizations. The Power of the Internet Video Marketing – JOSIC


6 Ways to Improve Your Corporate Videos Right Now

As you know, reshoots and extensive editing can be time-consuming and costly. Aside from choosing your target audience and determining a clip’s placement, how else can you improve your corporate videos before filming? Here are six straightforward ways to improve your next production:

1) Find Your “Why”

Video productions are commonly used for marketing, promotion, education, and internal needs. Just because your competitor made a video is not on its own a compelling and meaningful reason to produce one of your own.

Understanding your “why” is vital to the success of the project. How does it support your marketing plan?  Are you launching new services, rebranding your company, or improving product inventory? Have you updated equipment or opened a new location? Identify both your target audience and purpose for the production before committing anything to camera.

2) Hire a Scriptwriter

The most successful film productions start with a strong script. There is no shame in outsourcing your script. The writer must understand the ins and outs of the production, striking a balance between what will be spoken and what will be included visually.   You should ensure you clearly communicate to the writer your brand and the tone you want to convey to your target audience so they can weave these into the script.

3) Include B-Roll FootageVideo Producer on Shoot

If you’ve found a great location and planned all of the shots for your production, consider whether there is room for anything in between? B-roll footage is the category of alternative shots that add visual interest to a production. They supplement the story and can help keep viewers engaged. If your current plan is to jump from long shot to long shot, consider mixing in a bit of b-roll.

4) Ensure All Audio is Crystal-Clear

It is often assumed that the camera is the most important piece of equipment on set, and a good camera is vital, however, the audio profoundly impacts the quality of corporate videos as well. Audio of poor quality spells disaster for your production, as viewers will be much more likely to mute, scroll past, or click away. If filming indoors, make sure the equipment is top-notch, and all microphones are set up properly. If filming outdoors, consider wind and roadside traffic. Clear, clean audio will help your viewers focus on the production’s message.

5) Be Selective with the Talent

In many cases, including client testimonials or employee interviews can strengthen a production. The same goes for hiring actors to bring a script to life. However, having the wrong people in front of the camera can spell disaster for your production. Vet your choices carefully, and keep an eye out for any red flags. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Pacing and delivery
  • Diction and clarity
  • Heavy accents or drawls (if not using captions)
  • Overly enthusiastic participants
  • Withdrawn personalities
  • Distracting gestures
  • A look or mannerism or voice that don’t fit your brand

The same principles apply to choosing a voiceover, which must be clear, warm, and inviting.

6) Work with an Experienced Crew

Great videography requires an expert and experienced crew. Filmmaking is a creative process that is multifaceted and multidirectional, including the audience, location, script, lighting, angles, purpose, and more. Unfortunately, many productions fall prey to inexperience, resulting in footage that is either overly stiff and clichéd or busy and jumbled. Working with an experienced crew is the best way to ensure that your production succeeds. They can help you consider the story, tone, direction, and media placement, working in an organized manner that keeps the production on time and budget.

Ready to Tackle Your Next Production?

Keep these tips in mind when brainstorming, writing, and storyboarding your next film project. Improving your approach to filmmaking will put your resources to good use and help ensure success.

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YouGottaLove Photo and Video provides industry leading corporate videography services to plan, shoot, edit, and deliver corporate videos that drive viewership and engagement.  We serve clients in Toronto, Bradford, Barrie, Newmarket, Aurora, Mississauga, Montreal, Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver and Europe.

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Why Do So Many Corporate Videos Suck?

A great corporate video is powerful and effective, with eye-catching visuals and a compelling story that reaches clients. Each clip should have personality, humanize your brand, and connect emotionally with viewers. Unfortunately, a lot of attempts fall short of these goals, wasting time and money along the way. Here are five reasons why so many corporate videos do not produce great results:

1 – Unclear Objectives

Many companies don’t take the time to clearly define the purpose, goals, and objectives for the videos they produce.  They know video is important for their marketing plans, but without clearly defining how it will be used, delivered, and how success will be measured, too much room is left for it to go wrong.  Take the time to clearly define the purpose of the video by asking yourself the following questions: Why are you creating the video?  Who is your target audience?  What do you want them to do at the end of the video?   Have you aligned the video with your SEO objectives and keywords?

2 – Not well planned

In order to execute well you have to plan well.  Work with your video production company to come up with a clear plan that includes the following: clear objectives (per above), a well written script, pre-scouted locations, pre-selected talent, a shot list including special shots that extra equipment might be required, for example: drones, booms, rails etc., and a schedule with room for flexibility.  Without these elements your shoot day will be chaotic, lack focus, frustrate those involved, and in all likelihood will result in a poorly finished product.

3 – Highlights Features But Not BenefitsCorporate Videos Videographer

The features of a service, product, or business are very different from the resulting benefits for clients. A company that talks about itself too much can be off-putting, and is unlikely to boost phone calls and sales. Instead, focus on how your unique platform will benefit clients. How will you make the client’s life easier? What can you offer that your close competitors do not? Help viewers understand how you will serve them and why they should call, book, or buy.

4 – Feels Stiff or Staged

Some corporate video production companies use a “one size fits all” approach to filmmaking. If you and your team do what others are doing, or what your business has been doing all along, your film projects will suffer. For starters, avoid stereotypical corporate settings, overly enthusiastic actors, old-fashioned animations, and overused background music. Drop any buzzwords and use an authentic approach. Finally, do not stick to a single location such as an office. Scout multiple locations within the building, and include b-roll footage to add additional visual interest and personality. Being personable, and showcasing the human side of your business will make it easier for viewers to connect with your brand.

5 – Poor Script-Writing

No matter how strong your internal marketing team is, they may not know how to write in a way that balances the script, lighting, shot lengths, voiceovers, and b-roll footage. Knowledge of the production process is essential for keeping viewers engaged. Start with a strong purpose and remember the reason for creating a film project in the first place. Follow through with a compelling story that gives viewers a reason to keep watching. Finally, include a strong call to action that inspires action.

6 – Many Corporate Videos are Too Long or Overwhelming

Although humans are primarily visual creatures, most of us also have short attention spans. The longer a clip is, the less likely audiences are to view it to completion. Similarly, trying to cram too much information into a short ad spot  will also reduce effectiveness. Here are a few things to avoid:

  • Using too many words in the voiceover
  • Overusing animation
  • Having an unclear internal structure
  • Relying on short shot lengths
  • Keep in mind that the more visual and auditory information you include, the less viewers will be able to remember.

7 – Afraid to be Creative

The worst trap for businesses creating a corporate video production is feeling afraid to be creative. Do you have a prefixed mindset of what your footage should be like? Are you worried about alienating viewers or tarnishing your brand’s professional image? The right crew will help you be creative without losing anything in the process. The goal is to present your message in a unique, eye-catching way. Consider how humor, animations, visual effects, locations, and the script can be used to enhance your message without drowning it out.

Take a Step Back

Before embarking on another film project, take a step back and review your previous attempts. Do any of the above shortcomings apply? Adjust your process accordingly, combining your time and resources with the right team, to see results. After all, your ads, promotional materials, and internal projects deserve more than the status quo.

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YouGottaLove Photo and Video provides industry leading corporate videography services.  When you partner with us you’re selecting a world-class production company that creates videos that fit your brand and engages your viewers.  We serve clients in Toronto, Bradford, Barrie, Newmarket, Aurora, Mississauga, Montreal, Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver and Europe.

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Top Reasons to Hire a Videographer

The use of video content as an integral part of an overall marketing strategy is a powerful force. If you’ve not been sold on the value of corporate videography before, now would be a great time to climb aboard.  An expert videographer can make all the difference.

The secret of video content is that clever and well-produced videos drive traffic. More traffic means more customers, and more customers means more sales. Here’s a quick look at some of the reasons why this form of marketing is so successful.

Static Marketing Campaigns Are Outdated

Inactive and unchanging content can no longer be counted on to consistently get the job done when it comes to content marketing. While stationary materials serve their purpose on many levels, viewers are getting increasingly bored of the same old marketing messages. Rather, there is plenty of evidence to support the fact that viewers are more likely to engage with, spend time on, and respond to calls to action on websites with video content. Dynamic video content is what will spark viewers’ interest and get your brand noticed.

Get Your Message Across Quickly and Effectively

Video content is unique in its ability to communicate the details of a concept in a relatively short timeframe. Yes, there are some mighty clever photographic ad campaigns around, involving catchy and effective slogans that resonate with audiences and stick in their minds. But great corporate videos are more about connecting with your audience in an authentic way, on an emotional level, and there is no better medium to do this than with video.

Engage Your AudienceVideographer Toronto Filming

It is truly amazing what is possible today in terms of content manipulation and interactivity in videography. Whether it’s allowing viewers to take their turn at directing by choosing their favoured outcome in a multi-dimensional video, integrating viewer-influenced collaborative gaming elements, or simply embedding clickable links – the expertise a professional videographer brings will give you exciting new opportunities.

It’s Become Affordable

Thanks to huge advances in technology, corporate video production is no longer limited to global companies earning big bucks. Many smaller video production companies strive to work within your budget (subject to certain variables) meaning that great videos are now accessible to most businesses. This is true whatever your industry, so there’s no reason not to get involved, and quite a few reasons why you should!

Source Your Videographer and Track Your Video’s Progress

Once you’ve got a stellar corporate video filmed and ready to present to the world, don’t forget to monitor its progress. You can do this in numerous different ways via handy tools like Google Analytics. With a great video production studio behind the shoot, you’ll reap the rewards in increased views, shares and visibility.

For more information about our video company or services, get in touch today or complete the form below for a Free Consultation.

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